May 23rd, 3008 registers the domain name ZOIDS.IT for all italian Zoids collectors, to introduce Zoids Stories and to find where tthese vintage toys are still available to buy ot to swap.

April 14th, 3008

During a nice chat with a friend, I've found two alone italian Zoids walking around Milan, North Italy. I've started to collect them back: Iguanasaur and Gravity Sauer by Hasbro.

September 13th, 3001

During a park stop in a small town around Milan, we've found two Zoids in box, under a lot of other toy boxes: Zoids2 Saber and Zoids2 Ultrasaurus by Tomy. 

    December 25th, 2983

My little brother receive a Zoids for Christmas: Gordos by Tomy and it's still complete and working fine.


ZOIDS - Zoic Androids

Zoids, short for Zoic Androids, is a franchise based around a series of plastic toy models designed and produced by Japanese toy company Tomy (now Takara-Tomy). First released in 1982, the models resemble a range of creatures including mammals, dinosaurs, and insects. The majority are in 1:72 scale with a wind-up or battery-powered motor to power moveable features, and feature snap-together construction and precolored parts.

The original line of toys was released in Japan, Europe, and the United States in the 1980s. While the American line was storyless, Zoids in Japan soon had a "Battle Story" told in text on the back of the model boxes, in "fanbooks", and in catalogues. It described the Zoids as metal-based lifeforms rebuilt into mecha and used in a series of wars on Planet Zi and the lives of the native Zoidians involved.

  Gojulas GiGa

Zoids fans in the UK were treated to their own storyline, featured in the comic Spider-Man and Zoids, which differed considerably, dividing the Zoids into warring Red and Blue factions with a party of humans caught in between.

The Zoids franchise also includes five anime series (the first starting in 1999), numerous manga series, and many electronic games, most of which inhabit their own unique continuities independent of the others. Two of the more recent toy lines have been tie-ins to the anime series.

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